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Decoration since 1995 - Import Export Manufacturer

Very Wood / MOLDS / Fantastic !

Fantastic ! / Fantastic !
Fantastic ! / Apercu n 1 Fantastic ! / Apercu n 2 Fantastic ! / Apercu n 3
Go off to explore our incredible sculptures which were at the origin wooden "molds" for the reproduction of subjects in paper mache. We propose them to you today for a decoration full of charm or humor and it through various themes. They will become integrated into all the inside, that your style is contemporary, rustic, vintage, classic, modern, industrial, cosy, minimalist, mountain or others. Some of our pieces still have the tracks of their past, with some pieces of newspaper on them as well as the tracks of turning out, what makes them even more attractive ! You have the possibility of leaving them in their natural state or patinated and some of them are to put, to be suspended or to place on a wall. Fantastic gift idea / Incredible Decorating idea!

It is not here about our manufacturing, consequently our stock is limited, discover a small selection on our website and do not delay to ask us to receive other photos by specifying the theme of your choice, please.

Each piece is unique and we have various sizes from 10 to 200 cm high !
Angel, Santa claus, Moon, Teddy, Bear, Heart, Deer, Sun, Snowman, Star, Fish, Shell, Pumpkin, Hen, Cock, Duck, Goose, Cat, Cow, Christmas, Pig, Rabbit, Eggs etc...
Tags : decoration, matrices, molds, antique, ancien, unique, sculpture, objets bois, wooden objects, papier maché, paper mache, very wood deco