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Roots Charm / Roots Charm
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Very Wood proposes you an incredible table leg root xl.
It is about a wooden unique piece of Narra realized in our French workshop. The foot is for level to be able to support a glass top if you wish. We like particularly his natural greyness and the contrast made on the top to find its reddening color of origin.
Can suit outdoor but unprotected on the top (varnished sailor 1 time a year) the wood will become grey color as on the sides.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more informations.

Heigh 73 x 210 x 135 cm environ.

Référence : CHARM.5
Tags : table, sculpture, wood, bois, table bois, séjour, root, unique, racine, furniture, naturel, nature, amazing, luxe, pied de table, francais