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Decoration since 1995 - Import Export Manufacturer

Very Wood / FURNITURE / Bench, Armchair / Armchair Kenzo

Armchair Kenzo / Armchair Kenzo
Armchair Kenzo / Apercu n 1 Armchair Kenzo / Apercu n 2
Beautiful roots Armchair from Very Wood, natural with a wax on the top.
His maximum mesure are : height 86 cm, large 145 cm and 100 cm of depth.
Put it outside without a varnish to protect it and the wood will turn of naturally grey/green colour
Référence : KENZO.8
Tags : fauteuil, armchair, garden, outside, extérieur, souche, mobilier, furniture, jardin, elegant, wood, bois, racine, roots, meuble en racine