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Decoration since 1995 - Import Export Manufacturer

Very Wood / MOLDS

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Fantastic !

Welcome in the world of paper mache Molds in wood ! Collection of old pieces which you will find through various themes. Read the continuation, click
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Matrice Angels

For an unique and charming decoration ! Discover here some Angels Cherubs sculptured and used by the time et the work of cuts for the paper mache.
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Matrices Rabbits

So sweet ! Small, big, simple, funny, lying, can suit all tastes ! Clic here

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Matrices Teddy

Here are some Teddy from our fabulous collection of old wooden "matrices" for the work of paper mache. See more pictures...
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Matrices Fishes

Very Wood presents you his old wooden fishes.
Decoration in the seaside spirit.
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Matrices Lamp

Here is a beautiful idea for our "matrices", besides being ornamental here they are useful ! up to you to transform them into magnificent feet of lamp
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Matrices Deers

Antiques sculptures of wooden deers for a warm decoration.
Different sizes

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Matrices Santa-Claus

Amazing & elegant Santa-claus are here ! We present you several antiques pieces for christmas.

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Matrices Hen Cock

Original decoration ! Hens or Cocks wood carving.
Clic for more details
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Matrices Bells

Beautiful bells in wood for an easter décoration. Old paper mache molds. More photos here
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Matrices Sun,Moon,Star

Discover here the Lys Import collection about the Suns, Moons and Stars in wood.
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Matrices Pigs

Wooden pigs used by time and work of cuts for the paper maché realization. Unique piece.

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Matrices Ducks Eggs

Some Ducks and wooden Eggs to be discovered here. Old paper mache molds. Click on !
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Matrices Snowman

To complete your décoration, Lys Import proposes you his old snowmans. To see more...
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Matrices Angel wings

Discover here the angel wings in wood, used at the origin for the work of paper mache.